Mark Berndt for Brown County Supervisor
We the People

Berndt for Brown County


Why I serve in my community

I believe in being of a servant heart, which to me is by helping and serving those around you.  When you serve others first, you get more back in return.

Why the office of County Supervisor?

Belief in the Founding Fathers


I have always felt the need to be involved in my community so in my early 30’s I ran and was elected and served as a Brown County Supervisor and Green Bay Alderman.  My experiences have taught me that we the people rarely get the full truth of what our elected officials decide on our behalf. I participated in some of the county political battles of that time so I am familiar with the nuances of public office.  I now see a weaken County Board that has lost it’s role as the purse of government spending and a check to the executive branch. I will work to bring accountability back to this branch our local government.

While in office, I learned that your principles will be tested and without a strong foundation you may lose focus on what is the right thing to do. The principles of my faith and my belief in the Constitution and Wisconsin statues are my cornerstones.  Our founding Fathers knew how power can corrupt and have place a path for us to follow.  I will follow their lead and  put the people’s needs above my own.


Since 2001, I have Chaired the Zoning Board of Appeals for the Town of Wrightstown, finding ways to stay compliant with the town’s ordinances, changing those didn’t make sense, and finding compromises for the property owner to do what the were requesting 


In 2018 I was appointed by the Town of Wrightstown to be part of a new committee, Brown County 20/20.  The idea of this committee  was for the rural communities of Brown County’s 20th district to pool their knowledge and create a unified voice for concerns in dealing with county communication and other common issues.

As the 2019 spring election came and no one to challenge the current executive, I ran to make sure the people heard the message that the sale tax spending was illegal.  Thanks to the almost 12,000 voters that heard my message. 

The oral arguments were heard on BCTA vs BC in August.  I just emailed to Judge Zakowski and now am part of the court record asking when the decision will be made, and will there be a cease and desist order if he rules against the county.  I also pointed out that an appeal will certainly be made to the appeals court. The a final state supreme court decision may be made.  Unfortunately this would most likely be after this sale tax window has closed and the $147 million dollar that statutorily is meant for direct property tax relief will have been spent on other things. Granted some of these were needed but without the referendum vote  required by the people, should not have been spent on anything but property tax relief.


Time for action!

I believe in our constitutional checks and balances, they work. I believe in following the laws that have been passed before and changing those that no longer apply.  I believe in the process set in place by our founders and will work to make this process open and transparent to all with open records and a simple and easier method for voter to view their government at work.  


Help me make Brown County Government more Accountable
MARK BERNDT for Brown County Supervisor

Weather I win the election or just end up bringing a greater awareness to what I and many others find as irresponsible leadership, then I at least I wasn't silent about things that matter!

We can get our voice back!


“Sometimes it is better to lose and do the right thing than to win and do the wrong thing.”  – Tony Blair




My First 100 days

  1. Review and make recommendations for easier open records requests
  2. Review and make recommendations for record retention
  3. Seek state legislative help in redefining common retention brackets
  4. Bring more transparency to county government
  5. Hold myself and all county employees accountable to you, the voter
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