Mark Berndt for Brown County Supervisor
We the People

Campaign Issues

There are four main issues that affect all of Brown County. The Sale Tax law suit, open record requests, the southern bridge and county transparency and accountability. 

 The administration pushed through a 0.5% sales tax in four weeks when it wasn't going to be implemented in over six months.  Wisconsin law states sales tax revenue must go to directly reduce property tax. Without a strong board in 2017, it was passed and immediately challenged by a law suit that remains undecided. Did the administration review the complaint from the Brown County Taxpayers Association (BCTA) during those three months before they budgeted the ill gotten revenue? Should the County Board of Supervisors hold the funds until the case was litigated?   Why not bring a referendum to the people like we did for the stadium tax? If the people agree to the excise tax spending, it would legal to spend this revenue as they are and without litigation! Now, two years and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer’s dollars spent of fighting this suite, we are still waiting for Judge Zakowski to render a legal decision.  Oral augments were heard in August and the county continues to collect approximately $2.5 million monthly in tax revenue and continue to spend it on items other than directly on property tax reduction as directed by state statue. That would have reduced property taxes by a third, annually had the funds been used for property tax relief!


Open records are what makes our republic great and transparent.  The people have the right to seek and have records made available to them to keep them informed and remain trusting of our government.  When such rights are delay, made difficult or records are allowed to be destroyed, suspicion, secrecy and doubt  of our government creep in.  Brown County does not make it easy on the common resident to find out how to make a requests, nor get the records they seek as I found out first hand.  The state needs to create better brackets for length of retention on different types of record, and the county must publish how to request records or information as different departments and branches all have different rules, none easy to follow.

Currently the planned location for a new bridge or interchange from HWY 41 to HWY 143  is less than 4 miles south of the bridge in De Pere.  I believe that this location is not the best long term plan for the county as a whole.  If we are looking for growth, manufacturing sites, new retail and residential options, then we need to consider cheaper land further away from the border of De Pere and Rockland. I believe the southern bridge should be a minimum of 10 miles from the next bridge to have a better chance to increase the equalized value of county property.  The opportunity for manufacturing facilities to come in and increases land values is greater with less expensive land cost just miles south of the planned location.   Just look at what is happening in the Village of Denmark.

Brown County is a great place to live and work.  I like to believe that most people try to do the rights things in life.  When a government makes a mistake, or individuals make decisions on behalf of the people we should expect transparency and to be told the truth. Elected official will answer to the voter on election day.  Employees to their respective supervisor or HR.  As your Supervisor, I will do my best to get the results that are in the best interest of voters in the 20th district.   I hear things from you as I go door to door that need to change and that need to be known by the general public once verified.  Those that are making mistakes or willfully breaking rules need to be held accountable. The role of a Supervisor is to create policy and make sure those policies are carried out.

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