Mark Berndt for Brown County Supervisor
We the People

Mark Berndt’s timeline:


1994 – Elected Brown County Supervisor and Green Bay Alderman

As a Brown County Supervisor I served on the Administration Committee, while there I was elected by my peers to be Chairman for a subcommittee after finding high bank fees being charge to the county.  After a new bid for the county services, we voted to keep the same bank at a much lower fee to the county and the taxpayers.

1996 – Re-elected as a Green Bay Alderman

Voted by my peers to Chair the Protection and Welfare Committee.  Headed a quasi-judicial hearing against bar owners on Broadway selling firearms out of the bar and not renewing their license for multiple violations.

2001 – Present Appointed to the Town of Wrightstown Zoning Board of Appeals, elected Chairman.  I still hold this position today.

Change the ordinance for allowable garage size to meet a better  common building size, greatly reducing the number of variances being requested.

2017 – Sales Tax for Brown County

Wrote letters to the newspapers, all Brown County Supervisors and the Executive voicing my concern of how they plan to spend the revenue as it went against state statue.

2018 – Ran for Brown County Supervisor

Again I voiced my concerns regarding the law suit brought before the court.  

2019 – I ran for Brown County Executive

Once Green Bay Mayor Schmidt withdrew from a the race for county executive, I felt someone had to challenge the incumbent Troy Streckenbach on the illegal use of the sales tax.  Knowing he had $64,000 to spend on the race,  I knew I wouldn’t win but felt compelled to make a statement and wake the county residents up to the issue. 

2019- October I  requested an open records request from the county supervisors regarding their emails on the sales tax and the spending of tax revenue as allowed by state statue.  Not receiving much of a response from the supervisors or the county corporation council, I followed the statue and meet with the County District Attorney in December.  Near the end of January, nearly 4 months since I first contacted Corporation Council, I am getting Supervisors responses. Most are stating they have no records as they have deleted them.  Corporation Council states there are nearly 2000 emails archived with Brown County’s Department of Technical Services.  Now we are determining who the custodian of those records are. Wisconsin law states that office holders are the custodian.

2019 –December I went before the Brown County Executive Committee to voice  my concerns regarding open records, transparency and accountability.  I was not warmly received by the committee chairman, but supported our current Supervisor Steve Deslauries in his request from April 2019 that the committee has held up at committee on a like matter.

2020 – January I email the Judge presiding over the BCTA vs BC case, simply asking for a status report on when a decision will be made.  I was informed that any communication would be attached to the case for public review.  My communication will be attached.  In it I stated that regardless of the decision, both sides have indicated they will be appealed.  First to the appeals court, then possibly to the state Supreme Court, if they would take it up. By this time most of the sale tax revenue that should be going “directly towards property tax relief”will have been spent and the sales tax window may close by the time this is heard.

I will continue to fight for the residents of of the county but could get further faster if I was on the county board.  Please consider what I have done without being in office and give me the opportunity to once again service the county as a County Supervisor.